About us

The Ewe Association of Georgia (EWAGA)

EWAGA was formed in 1994 with the aim of promoting our cultural and civic education among the descendants of Ewe land, with the commitment to unit all Ewes to be the solution for the impoverished and deprived parts of Ghana, Togo and Benin.

The Ewe association has been a viable organization promoting Ewe community development. The association is entering its 30th year and has undergone numerous positive changes to embrace the new millennium since its formation. In order for us to continue to survive, we continue to embrace change; but the core foundation and principles still remained solid.

It is certainly true that the development of the Ewe land (Ghana, Togo and Benin), is at the heart of our goals, yet we are also keen to ensure that we engage in social elements that meet the expectations of all of our members.

We Embark on Addressing the Socio-Economic and Cultural Needs of Our Communities

We offer numerous services such as Immigration seminars, Social Networking, Marriage Ceremonies, Bereavement as well as a host of others to enhance the development of our members.

In addition, we also always welcome any suggestions or ideas from our community that will enhance our goals and improve the quality of life of all our members and friends. 

We pride ourselves of being one of the founding members of the Council of Ewe Associations of Northern America (CEANA). Since its inauguration here in Atlanta under the auspices of EWAGA, the Ewe Association has been instrumental in the creation and management of several community development projects across the United States of America and the Ewe land (Ghana, Togo and Benin).

Our Founding Members

  1. Kofi Aƒeku
  2. Christian Kodzo Adedze (Deceased)
  3. Titrim Tetekpli Attipoe
  4. Rowland Zewuze Attipoe
  5. Mary Naami Nanor
  6. Celestine Campbell
  7. Dr. Daniel Morvey
  8. Beatrice Ayrakwa
  9. Korbla Dotse
  10. Empress Dotse
  11. Constance Tony Amuzu (Deceased)
  12. Ama Ahamazie-Attipoe
  13. Wisdom Degreat
  14. Mr. Adatsi (Deceased)
  15. Bobby Nyako